the Witching Hour Art Collective, located in downtown Decatur, GA!

The Witching Hour is a collective of artists who cultivate a shared vision around a mutual love of art and tattooing. We offer a full range of tattooing and permanent makeup. It is our mission to become the best-known fully custom tattoo studio in the Greater Atlanta area for people in need of skilled professionals specializing in designing one-of-a-kind tattoos.

Our artists can work with your existing designs or they can create something just for you—from reference material or from your very own mind.

We look forward to working with you.

Meet Our Tattoo Artists

We invite you to come in and meet the artists. While each of our artists book individually, you’re welcome to email us at info@witchinghourartcollective.com if you are not particular about which tattoo artist does your work. You may also reach out to us on Instagram and Facebook to start a conversation!

Josh Clay

Sofia Cunha

Meet Our Permanent Makeup Artist

Witching Hour now offers permanent makeup! Permanent makeup is becoming an increasingly popular service among both men and women and offers an alternative to makeup that offers lasting enhancement to the eyes, lips, and other features of the face.

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11am ~ 7pm